Venetian Roller


The Pennelli Rex Rullo Veneziano, also known as a Venetian Roller, is a remarkable and specialized tool that adds a touch of Venetian elegance and sophistication to interior spaces. Designed for use with textured paints, this roller enables artists, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts to achieve the captivating Veneziano effect on walls and ceilings.

What sets the Venetian Roller apart is its intricate pattern and design. Covered with fine, detailed motifs reminiscent of the Venetian architectural and decorative tradition, this roller imparts a luxurious and timeless aesthetic to any surface. When applied over textured paints, it creates the illusion of intricate Venetian plasterwork, with the beauty of layers and depth that mirrors the richness of genuine Venetian craftsmanship.

The versatility and precision of the Pennelli Rex Rullo Veneziano make it a valuable addition to any creative toolkit. It allows for a consistent and authentic reproduction of the classic Venetian style, adding a touch of historical charm and artistic allure to your interior design projects.

Incorporating the Venetian Roller into your decorative endeavors transforms ordinary surfaces into works of art that capture the essence of Venetian architectural beauty. Whether you’re aiming to create a statement wall, revamp a ceiling, or elevate your decor, this roller brings the timeless elegance of Venice’s artistic heritage right into your living spaces.

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