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Image of a Bathroom with a copper bath , copper decor and Decoveno Venetian Plaster on the walls
Stencil finish with Decomin Travertino Stone Effect Paint
Image of a bathroom finished with light grey Decoveno

Our Story

Welcome to Decomin Paints Ireland, your gateway to a world of innovative decorative paints that redefine spaces and ignite creativity. As premier distributors of Decomin decorative paints in Ireland, we take pride in offering a diverse range of transformative paint solutions that elevate interiors with unparalleled style and finesse.

At Decomin Paints, our commitment to excellence resonates through every brushstroke, allowing you to unleash your imagination and craft spaces that speak volumes. Our product portfolio showcases an array of distinctive offerings, each designed to impart a unique touch to your walls and surfaces.

Travertino and Deconcreto stand as testaments to our dedication to authenticity, bringing the rugged elegance of concrete effects into your interiors. Embrace the modern allure and rugged charm with these paints that mimic the natural essence of concrete, creating a contemporary yet earthy vibe.

For those seeking a touch of glamour, Fiesta metallic finish paints offer a shimmering allure that captivates the eye. The interplay of light and color produces a mesmerizing effect, transforming ordinary surfaces into captivating focal points.

Discover the luxurious velvet finish of Tornado paints, designed to evoke a sense of sophistication and elegance. The smooth, velvety texture adds depth and richness to your walls, creating a refined ambiance.

Arianto pearlescent paint, with its luminous quality, brings a subtle iridescence that breathes life into any space. Its gentle glimmer infuses a sense of opulence and grace, making every wall a canvas of elegance.

Completing our exquisite collection are metallic and clear finishing waxes, adding the perfect final touch to your decorative endeavors. These finishing waxes enhance and protect your creations, ensuring longevity and enduring beauty.

Our sales channels cater to diverse preferences, offering convenience and accessibility. Whether through our user-friendly online retail platform or our offline wholesale and retail outlets, we ensure seamless access to our premium products, backed by unparalleled customer service.

Experience the transformative power of Decomin Paints Ireland, where innovation meets aesthetic brilliance, and turn your spaces into expressions of your individuality and style. Join us in redefining interiors, one brushstroke at a time.


Our Mission

At Decomin Paints Ireland, we’re committed to revolutionizing spaces with innovative decorative paints. Our mission is to empower creativity, offering a diverse range of high-quality paints like Travertino, Deconcreto, Fiesta, Tornado, and Arianto. Through our online and offline channels, we aim to inspire and enable individuals to transform their environments. We prioritize excellence, customer satisfaction, and accessibility, ensuring everyone can access premium paints that redefine aesthetics. At Decomin Paints Ireland, we’re dedicated to being the catalyst for artistic expression, elevating interiors and fostering individuality through our exceptional range of decorative paints.

Image of two walls finished with Tornado Silver,left wall is coloured to black, right wall is silver
Image of Decomin Arianto Pearlescent Paint in Green
Image of a Decoveno Black and White Marble Wall Venetian Plaster finish
Image of  a Dining Room wall finished with Fiesta Metallic Art Metallic Effect Paint
Image of a wall created using Metallic Finishes. Decomin Fiesta Metallic Art

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