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About Decomin Paints

Welcome to Decomin Paints Ireland! We are your go-to destination for all your decorative paints and plasters needs. Explore our wide range of high-quality products, including the stunning Decoveno Stucco Veneziano in Black, available from €85.00 to €259.00. Don’t miss our latest products and autumn promotions for 2023. Whether you’re looking for marble finishes, concrete walls, or want to shop our textured paints, we have it all. Discover our new arrivals, such as Fiesta White Metallic Art  or Tornado Silky Silver, and add a touch of creativity to your space. Enhance your interiors with Travertino, perfect for both interior and exterior use. When it comes to walls and ceilings, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our extensive collections and find the perfect fit for your home or workspace. Join our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest offers and trends. Reach out to us at with any queries. Follow us on social media for inspiration and updates. Shop with Decomin Paints Ireland today and transform your space into a masterpiece!

Looking to add a touch of elegance to your space? Explore our exquisite range of decorative paints and plasters at Decomin Paints Ireland. Our Fiesta Metallic Art collection is designed to bring a stunning, metallic sheen to your interiors. Discover the beauty of our Fiesta White Metallic Art and create a truly enchanting atmosphere. Elevate your walls with a touch of sophistication and let your creativity shine. 

Venetian Plasters

Decomin Paints Ireland are excited to introduce our latest arrivals of decorative paints and plasters. Explore our diverse range of innovative products that will transform your space into a masterpiece. Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Fiesta White Metallic Art and let its enchanting metallic sheen elevate your interiors to new heights. Add the tint of your choice with our Acrylic Colourant, available for only €7.95. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Arianto, a stunning decorative paint ranging from €85.00 to €92.95. Enhance your artistic creations with our Artist Sponge, priced at just €15.00. To achieve a touch of antique charm, opt for our Colourful Wax Interior Exterior in Antique Gold for only €16.00. Explore our Winter Collection and find inspiration to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your space. Don’t miss out on our staff picks and promotions. Join our newsletter for the latest updates and trends. Visit us at the Self Build Show this coming January in Limerick or reach out to us at Follow us on social media for inspiration and updates. Shop with Decomin Paints Ireland today and unlock limitless possibilities for your home or workspace.

Introducing Deconcreto and Travertino, the perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to your space. At Decomin Paints Ireland, we offer a wide range of decorative paints and plasters that will transform your interiors and exteriors into works of art. Explore our exquisite Deconcreto collection, designed to give your walls a stunning concrete finish. With its sleek and modern look, Deconcreto is perfect for creating a contemporary and industrial atmosphere. Looking to add a touch of luxury? Our Travertino collection offers a beautiful stone finish, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Let the timeless beauty of Travertino enhance your space and bring a touch of sophistication. Visit our online store today and discover the endless possibilities for your home or workspace. Shop with Decomin Paints Ireland and turn your space into a masterpiece.

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Luxury Velvet Finishes

Introducing Tornado (Cream Base Colour) and Tornado Silky Silver, our luxury velvet textured finishes. Inspired by elegance and sophistication, these exquisite paints will transform any space into a haven of opulence. Immerse yourself in the lavishness of these finishes, as they create a velvety touch and a visually stunning effect that captures the essence of luxury. With Tornado and Tornado Silky Silver, Decomin Paints Ireland brings you the epitome of decorative excellence. Elevate your surroundings with our exceptional range of luxury velvet finishes.

Master bedroom with Decoveno Venetian Plaster feature wall
Venetian Plaster

Introducing Decoveno Venetian Plaster, a luxurious choice for your next decorative project. Elevate your space with its exquisite, handcrafted texture and timeless elegance. Get that authentic Venetian look and feel with Decoveno.

Stencil finish with Decomin Travertino Stone Effect Paint
Stencil Finishes

Discover the artistry of bespoke stencil finishes with Deconcreto and Travertino at Decomin Paints Ireland. Elevate your space with personalized designs that reflect your unique style and bring beauty and sophistication to any surface.

Wax Collection

Add an elegant touch to your finishes with the Decomin range of colourful waxes and clear waxes. Perfect for enhancing the beauty of any design, our high-quality waxes bring sophistication to every project. With a wide range of vibrant colors and crystal-clear options, you can create stunning effects and protect your surfaces with ease. Discover the endless possibilities and elevate your craftsmanship with Decomin Paints Ireland.

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