Reticolato Roller


The Pennelli Rex Rullo Reticolato or Reticolato Roller is a cutting-edge and specialized tool that redefines the world of decorative finishing. This roller, expertly crafted with precision, is designed to create captivating 3D reticulated or grid-like decorative effects that infuse depth and intrigue into various surfaces.

What makes the Reticolato Roller truly remarkable is its unique composition and pattern. This roller is distinguished by an array of intricate and interconnected grid designs that, when applied to a surface, produce an extraordinary three-dimensional reticulated effect. The roller’s construction ensures a seamless application and precise reproduction of these intricate designs.

The versatility and precision of the Pennelli Rex Rullo Reticolato make it an indispensable addition to the toolkit of decorators, artists, and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you are revamping a feature wall, embarking on furniture transformations, or seeking to add unique decorative elements to your living space, this roller simplifies the process of achieving complex and captivating 3D reticulated effects.

Incorporating the Reticolato Roller into your creative projects elevates ordinary surfaces to the status of art pieces. It captures the essence of artistic experimentation and innovation, adding an extra layer of texture and visual interest to your living spaces. This specialized roller not only redefines decorative finishing but also offers a fresh and imaginative perspective on design and aesthetics.

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