Jeans Roller


The Pennelli Rex Rullo Jeans, or Decorative Jeans roller, is a remarkable and specialized tool that adds a unique 3D textural dimension to decorative painting, particularly with textured paints like Travertino and Deconcreto. This roller version of the Pennelli Rex Tampone Jeans, or Dragging brush, allows artists, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts to achieve a distinctive and captivating effect that mimics the appearance and feel of denim fabric.

What sets the Decorative Jeans roller apart is its ingeniously crafted pattern. The roller is adorned with a texture resembling the weave of artificial grass, which, when applied to painted surfaces, results in a tactile and visually appealing 3D effect. This effect not only adds depth but also captures the authenticity and richness of the material making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Incorporating the Rullo Jeans into your decorative projects transforms your surfaces into captivating works of art. Whether you’re looking to elevate a feature wall, rejuvenate furniture, or add a unique decorative element to your space, this roller simplifies the process of achieving a distinct and engaging 3D textural effect that draws admiration and intrigue from anyone who encounters it. The Decorative Jeans roller offers a refreshing approach to interior design, adding both a tactile and visual dimension that makes your decor truly stand out.

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