Pezzato Roller


The Pennelli Rex Rullo Pezzato, or Pezzato Roller, is an innovative and specialized tool that brings the captivating world of pezzato effects to your interior decorating and faux finishing projects. Designed for use with both textured paints like Travertino and Deconcreto, as well as decorative paints like Fiesta, Tornado, and Arianto, this roller empowers artists, decorators, and DIY enthusiasts to create stunning and unique patchwork-style designs on walls and ceilings.

What makes the Pezzato Roller truly stand out is its ingenious pattern. Covered in a series of intricate and varied shapes, it enables the creation of mesmerizing patchwork effects. When rolled over the chosen surface, it imparts the appearance of carefully arranged and meticulously detailed patches, producing a visual masterpiece that adds depth and individuality to your décor.

The versatility and precision of the Pennelli Rex Rullo Pezzato make it an invaluable addition to your creative toolkit. Whether you’re aiming to revamp a feature wall, elevate your ceiling design, or craft decorative elements that reflect your unique style, this roller simplifies the process of achieving authentic and captivating pezzato effects.

Incorporating the Pezzato Roller into your decorative projects transforms ordinary surfaces into works of art. It captures the essence of patchwork aesthetics, adding a touch of creativity and visual intrigue to your living spaces, leaving guests and admirers in awe of your artistry and design skills.

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