Stippling / Dragging Brush 12 x 12


The Pennelli Rex 20cm x 12cm Tampone Jeans is a specialized tool revered in the world of decorative painting and faux finishing. Also known as a “dragging brush,” it plays a pivotal role in creating the coveted “pietra spaccata” or split stone effect in textured plasters, including renowned materials like Travertino and Deconconcreto. This brush is designed to transform ordinary surfaces into textured, stone-like masterpieces.

What makes the Tampone Jeans truly exceptional is its unique construction. The brush is endowed with soft yet durable bristles, designed to mimic the textures and patterns found in natural stone. Measuring at 20cm by 12cm, it provides ample coverage for efficiency in your decorative projects.

The process of creating the pietra spaccata effect is where the Tampone Jeans truly shines. When drawn across the textured plaster, it effortlessly imparts the appearance of fractured, natural stone, enhancing the visual depth and character of the surface. Whether you’re a professional decorative artist or a DIY enthusiast, this brush simplifies the complex task of achieving a realistic, split stone finish.

In the hands of a skilled artisan, the Pennelli Rex 20cm x 12cm Tampone Jeans becomes a conduit for imagination, bringing the rugged beauty of natural stone to your interior spaces. Its versatility and authenticity make it an essential tool for anyone seeking to infuse an element of timeless charm into their decor.

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