Tampone Tondo Pelle


The Pennelli Rex Tondo Pelle, featuring a 50mm diameter, is a versatile and compact tool known for its remarkable ability to create the coveted tamponato effect. This round pad, designed with synthetic leather, is a highly specialized piece that offers precision and ease in decorative painting and faux finishing.

With a smaller size, the Pennelli Rex Tondo Pelle is perfect for fine detail work and smaller-scale projects. Its round pad construction, coupled with synthetic leather, allows for accurate and controlled application, making it an excellent choice for achieving the tamponato effect on various surfaces.

The blister packaging ensures that the brush arrives in excellent condition and ready for use, while the wooden handle offers a comfortable grip, allowing for steady and consistent strokes during your creative projects.

The tamponato effect, which can be beautifully achieved with the Pennelli Rex Tondo Pelle, is a sought-after finish that mimics the look of gently stippled, aged, or distressed surfaces. Whether you’re a professional decorator, artist, or a DIY enthusiast, this smaller-sized tool simplifies the process of creating an authentic tamponato effect, adding depth and character to your projects. It’s a valuable addition to your creative toolkit, infusing an old-world charm and artistic elegance into your decorative endeavors.

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