Deconcreto Concrete Effect Wall Paint

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DECONCRETO – An elegant, sophisticated finish for interiors which reproduces a concrete effect that will add an exclusive touch to your wall or ceiling. It is  suitable for both classical settings and modern contexts. Our concrete paints can meet most sophisticated decorative needs,  according to the user’s imagination and the application technique used.

DECONCRETO comes as a base colour so you can tint it with any colorant you want. For instance; if you like it grey, you can add a little small amount of acrylic black colorant, and you can arrange the grey level by the further addition of colourant . Always feel free to contact us if you have any questions..

IMPORTANT: DECONCRETO should not be applied onto bare plasterboard or cement board even after the use of Quartz primer. DECONCRETO is a finish coating and it is necessary to seal the base material either by plastering and painting with a basecoat such as Zinsser 123 (or similar) or taping/jointing and painting with Zinsser 123 (or similar). Then apply Quartz Primer and Deconcreto.

  • EASY TO APPLY: DECONCRETO is applied with a  trowel to a smooth or high polished finish with a medium or high color variation.
  • STUNNING LOOK: DECONCRETO will give an amazing concrete effect to your walls.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOUR: DECONCRETO comes as a base colour ( white ). You can tint DECONCRETO with our Polyvine colourants
  • PREMIUM, NATURAL, AUTHENTIC and BEAUTIFUL: The ultimate replacement for paint or wallpapers.


Ensure surfaces are clean and dust free. Apply primer and allow to dry. 6 hours after the primer application, one coat is applied to the surface with a steel trowel and allowed to dry completely. After the second layer is thickly applied to the surface, use a decorative tool such as a Dragging Brush (Tampone Jeans), Decorative roller, trowel or sponge to create the desired pattern. Then flatten over with a trowel or spatula. All tools area available on our website.

• It should be mixed well before use.
• It should be protected and applied at temperatures of +5 degrees and above.
• Shelf life is 2 years
• Coverage 1-1.5m2 / kg depending on the surface

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