Decomin Stone External Render

4.80 /kg

Decomin Stone is a ready mixed one coat weather resistant external or internal render giving a granite finish. It can be used as an external render for all types of buildings from porches, extensions, complete house builds and commercial premises. Decomin Stone is available in a range of colour finishes and in a fine (D)  finish and coarse (A) finish with a grain size of 1 to 2mm. Decomin Stone is an alternative to monocouche, silicon, acrylic external render or dry dash renders.

Decomin Stone is a composite decorative and protective coating for external and internal work based on acrylic copolymer in water emulsion and unpainted granite-marble granulate. Natural colors without added dyes. High mechanical strength and durability. Provides moisture, heat and sound insulation. Resistance to climatic factors and treatment with alkaline materials. Does not contain radiation, environmentally friendly product. Has high vapor permeability (allows the surface to breathe). Gives the surface a granite type decorative finish.

Produced in two grain-size calibrated forms: coarse (A) and fine (D) .
Packing: 25kg / bucket
Shelf Life: 2 Years


Creating a Granite Window Sill with Decomin Stone

Decomin Stone can be used to transform old tired window sills into stunning granite finish sills. Decomin Stone is composed of natural stone chips and will not discolour. Decomin Quartz Primer is used as a primer or base coat.  We recommend using Polyvine Varnish and Paint Remover to assist in the removal of old paint from the surface.

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Number of Coats: One coat applied by trowel.

Drying: Full polymerisation of the material is completed after 24-48 hours at temperatures higher than +5 °C.

Storage : +5 °C – +35 °C It is 2 years from production, provided that it is stored in tightly closed packaging at temperatures.

Packaging: 3,5 kg, 14 kg, 25 kg

Net weight .25+1 % kg

Application fields: It is easily applied to exterior surfaces (facades) of buildings, hotels, etc., and the interior surfaces of office buildings, public buildings and residences (corridors, halls, stairwells), thin plaster concrete, wood, plasterboard and similar surfaces.

Surface preparation:

The dirt, oil and foreign materials on the surface should be thoroughly cleaned, any loosened paint on the surfaces should be removed.  It is recommended to fill the cracks and damaged areas where necessary, and smooth the surface by sanding. After a dry, clean and flat surface is obtained, a primer should be applied on it. The ‘Stone’ application should be started at least 24 hours after the primer application.

Primer coating:

it is recommended to apply ‘Decomin Quartz Grundierung’  as a primer coating.


Open the container and mix thoroughly. In hot weather, 1-1.5 -1 water is added. It is applied with a stainless steel trowel as smooth and as thin as possible. then the surface is polished. Recommendation : Application should not be made in rainy and rainy weather conditions and at temperatures lower than +5 °C. The applied surface should not be left unfinished, it should be completed.


Coarse granular product -5 kg/m2. For fine granular product -3kg/m2

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 cm

A031, A241, A691, D631

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